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Mockup Plus

Mockup Plus is a prototype building tools designed for agile development mode. It can be of great help for software development companies and teams for prototype building. It helps companies in the following ways:

It offers easy and quick component-based visual design which can be done by simply dragging the mouse—no programming background or additional learning process required, saving you a lot of learning time and learning cost. And with Mockup's online version, you will be able to operate Mockup Plus just by using your browser without previously installing any other programs.

There are various themed components available for different designs, including Sketch Style which keeps your design exactly as how you would draw it on a sheet of paper;

In addition to abundant desktop system components, it also provides you with plenty mobile devices components—meeting the growing demand for mobile application development.

It offers an effective and appropriate way for a team to collaborate, a pattern based on workflow processes which is convenient to review, collect feedbacks and do summary and thus is conducive to improving team cooperation.

Its cloud storage makes sure that online data are secured and stable and could be instantly utilized and effectively shared.

It is compatible with all mainstream platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and Web.

It offers you competitive price for all of our Standalone Version, Online Version and Teamwork Version. You will find our prices very favorable.

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iRead is an e-book reader and e-book app creator. As an excellent e-book reader, iRead's desktop versions has got more than 4 million downloads in China. At the same time, iRead Android version also has a lot of outstanding features.

iRead reader: it supports txt, epub and pdf formats, it offers you impressive reading experience. With elegant visual design, it offers multiple page-turning effects and is enjoyable to read. In addition, you will be able to take cloud notes and sync them with dropbox and/or Google Drive.

iRead eBookApp:an e-book creator that allows you to quickly generate an app of e-books with no programming background required. It provides you with enjoyable reading experience and you can also publicize your e-book app on Google Play or social networking platforms. It also allows you to add in-app advertisement, generate registration code, and make payments and money transfer—which basically allows you to be able to sell e-books via the application.

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9 Notes

9 Notes is a note-taking application that helps you keep track of and organize cluttered information in your work. The following features distinguish 9 Notes from other traditional sticky note application:

It only displays the most recent 9 notes and keeps other notes automatically saved in history—the pace of life has been fast enough, and you don't have to waste your time on keeping track of or organizing tasks that have already been in the past.

Its magnificent 3D appearance looks exactly like real-life sticky notes, only cooler, with dozens of themes available.

Unique desktop organizing feature—it allows you to search and manage quickly and conveniently without occupying desk space.

You can directly send your notes to social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

You will be able to send your note contents to your friends via email.

You will be able to sync and use 9 Notes on your Android and IOS devices as long as the application has been installed on them. Moreover, you can quickly share its data into other apps that support the "share" feature such as social networking app (facebook and/or twitter) or note app (such as Evernote).


We are a dynamic young company.

We believe that the customer is the direction and motivation of our work.

We are committed to develop innovative and practical tools for the customers.

We believe that our innovation will change the world that needs to be changed, and benefit people's lives. We hope that our products can bring convenience, enjoyment and happiness to more people!

If you think our products are suitable for you, don't hesitate to try and buy it. We believe that you will become our customers, and even friends.

If you are already our customer, we will continue to provide you with good service, and receive your frank opinion.

If you are a software agent, we hope that we can stick to good faith and mutual benefits.




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